Why You Should Join Robotics

Robotics is a club that lets a person learn new things when it comes to engineering and programming. Even if you do not have any skills for building or coding, you can still join. You can gain experience and more skills after joining robotics. You can come together with the community of Back of the Yards and make new friendships while working together with other people.



To code a robot is to utilize a software that allows the coder to program the robot to do the functions such as moving around, grabbing stuff and much more. With the coding abilities that our team members provide, the team are able to function the robots with the codes.


Check out our club! If you enjoy the building aspect of robotics or want to learn how to design and build a robot, you should join the build team! Our engineers will help you learn step by step while they build and tweak our robots. No experience is needed and you can challenge yourself at different lengths. Our robotics team can teach you obtain those building skills that you might not have.

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Alongside with the commute of working with other people it is a competitive “mind sport”. In the way that the robots that is being built with